Liam Payne has plans to become a David Beckham lookalike.

The 20-year-old One Direction star is currently enjoying success on the Where We Are Tour with his bandmates Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. However, his handsome looks could get him some work should he ever decide to give up singing.

“People have been saying that a lot recently. It's probably the most flattering thing anybody can say," he smiled to British newspaper The Sun when told he looks like the soccer star.

“Becks is pretty much a legend and a hero of all of ours and I do really admire his style. I don’t think anyone can match him but I’ll take it.

“If it all packs in, at least I’ll have a job as a lookalike!”

However, Liam wants to make it clear that he's not trying to steal David's style. In fact, he's a little worried the 39-year-old will start to see him as a copycat.

“The fans are always pointing it out on Twitter. I’m beginning to worry he’ll think I’m a stalker," the singer mused.

“They make it out like if he buys a red jumper, the next day I’m out in a red jumper. I just think the man is a legend.”

The Where We Are Tour kicked off last month and will continue until October. It's thought Liam broke up with his girlfriend Sophia Smith recently and that he's feeling nervous about being away from home for so long.

"The truth is Liam wasn't ready to go on tour yet - he really needed some time to just live his life," an insider explained to British magazine Star.

"He often feels isolated on tour and that his true friends are at home."