Kevin Jonas gets "upset" when people post pictures of his daughter online.

The 26-year-old musician and his wife Danielle welcomed their little girl Alena into the world in February and quickly shared images of her on Twitter. They had always known they would debut the tot that way, rather than wait for a photographer to sneak a picture of her and sell it.

"A lot of people are protective and they don’t share photos of their children at all, and I totally respect that,” Kevin told “I actually kind of got upset the other day when somebody took a picture of Alena and posted it without my consent, so to be able to be in charge is really important, but we also want to share these special moments with everyone.”

Kevin and Danielle married in 2009 and have enjoyed how their bond has developed since becoming parents. They always knew things would change when their daughter arrived, with Kevin explaining being a family has made their union even stronger.

"We’re working together in a different way. Now we have a different kind of bond and we have something that really represents our relationship - it’s more than just the rings on our finger. We created this beautiful life together," he gushed.

The couple are both close to their families, as was played out on their reality TV show Married to Jonas. They have enjoyed seeing how their loved ones have reacted to Alena and feel lucky to have so much support.

"It’s been crazy to see the difference in reactions from everyone in the family. It’s been really great and the more she grows older, the more time everyone will spend [with] her. There’s a lot to look forward to," Kevin explained.