Justin Bieber is being sued by a photographer who alleges the star's bodyguard attacked him in a restaurant.

TMZ has obtained a new lawsuit by camera expert Manuel Munoz, which states the 20-year-old singer's security Dwayne Patterson lashed out at him in a Subway store in Miami Beach. The alleged attack took place after Justin was leaving SET Nightclub the same evening he was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in January.

Manuel claims Dwayne demanded he deleted photos he took of Justin as they left the nightclub, proceeding to lock him in the restaurant, kick and punch him before removing the memory card from the camera by force.

The photographer is suing the star and bodyguard for unspecified damages.

However, TMZ points out that in a police report filed Manuel claims only to have been left with a "small scratch in his left knee" after the incident. It also stars that haggling later ensued in the toilets, with Manuel reportedly offering to give the pictures to Justin in return for $10,000. However, Dwayne apparently drew the line at $5,000.

Howard Weitzman, Justin's attorney, insists he client wasn't present at the time of the attack.

"This new lawsuit filed by a paparazzo is yet another shakedown for money. The paparazzo admits that Justin was not present at the alleged 'assault'. The paparazzo told the police he had only scratched his knee when he was allegedly tripped, but now claims he was beat up. There are no damages," he told TMZ.

Justin's security has faced numerous run-ins with the law in the past, with one bodyguard arrested in February in Atlanta, Georgia, also for allegedly snatching a camera from a paparazzo.

The star himself is also currently facing trouble himself with attempted robbery allegations. Prior to this he has also been accused by a former neighbour of causing $20,000 worth of damage by egging his house.