Iggy Azalea used to feel there was an "abnormal amount of interest" in her love life.

The Australian rapper has soared into the limelight with the release of her debut album The New Classic. However, before this she made headlines when she dated fellow musician ASAP Rocky, who she met through producer Chase N. Cashe. The pair were so close before their split in July 2012 that Iggy even had the title of ASAP's mixtape Live. Love. A$AP tattooed on her fingers. Although she is now dating sportsman Nick Young, the 23-year-old star admits she didn't enjoy the attention surrounding her relationship with her ex.

"I felt there was an abnormal amount of interest in who I was having sex with, unfortunately," she told USA TODAY. "Some days it can be a bit of a nuisance if I am trying to promote my album or music, and people just want to know about me and Nick so much."

Iggy has gained fans worldwide with her catchy tunes and lyrics. Loyal supporters often send her fan mail and there's several which stand out for the blonde beauty.

"One of my favourites is a portrait of me with Tupac [Shakur] and we're giving each other a kiss," she smiled. "I have another one where I have bunny fur and it's like a children's drawing of me as Lola Bunny from Looney Tunes."

Before finding fame, Iggy - real name Amethyst Amelia Kelly - worked ordinary jobs. One of them was an after-school position at a store which sold incense, hemp clothing and crystal rocks among many other knickknacks. There was also her job cleaning rental homes, which had a perk.

"They have a period after 90 days if no one claims it, they let you keep the wallet and the money that was in it," Iggy recalled about the time, insisting she always gave the lost belongings to her manager. "[The worst part was] cleaning other people's vomit hours later."