Chris Martin and Alexa Chung "definitely looked" like they were on a date last week.

The 37-year-old Coldplay rocker and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow, 41, announced they were "consciously uncoupling" at the end of February, although they are yet to file for divorce. There was then speculation he had moved on with British star Alexa, 30, with the pair spotted together in New York City last week.

British magazine Heat has exclusive pictures of the pair at bar Elsa, where they are seen laughing and joking with each other over a beer.

"When I arrived, about 9.15pm, they were tucked away in a dark corner of the back room of the bar," a source told the publication.

"Chris and Alexa seemed to know each other really well. They were both in a great mood, and even asked us to watch their bags when they went out for a cigarette. It definitely looked like a date to me."

The musician was apparently happy to be recognised. One fan tweeted about seeing the pair together during their apparent date, claiming they spent time discussing a band, with Chris friendly and approachable.

"I spotted them straight away, and asked Chris, 'Are you a singer?' He just laughed and said, 'Yes, but not tonight.' He was a really nice guy - he shook my hand and didn't care that he was being recognised," the insider explained. "But Alexa seemed more reluctant to introduce herself. She didn't really want to talk."

Chris and Alexa are thought to have met at last year's Glastonbury music festival and also bonded as both UK stars were spending a lot of time in the US.

It's been suggested things could become more serious once Chris' split from Gwyneth isn't so fresh.

"Alexa's being very cool, chilled and understanding, letting him have his space and deal with his soon-to-be ex-wife until they've filed the divorce papers. She doesn't want to hassle or put pressure on him in any way," another source told Heat.