Keira Knightely's husband doesn't get jealous.

The British actress, 29, stars in Begin Again alongside Adam Levine, who was voted People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive last year. She's married to UK musician James Righton, but he's not worried about his wife's hunky co-stars.

"Oh, my husband is [the sexiest man alive] you know..." she grinned to the British edition of OK! magazine when asked how he felt about her working with Adam.

"He's a pretty confident chap, so no, he doesn't [get jealous]."

James, 30, is part of London band Klaxons. Begin Again tells the story of a young musician trying to make it in the industry and Keira called on her beau to help her prepare for the role.

"He tried to teach me how to play the guitar - he failed," she revealed. "I didn't smash it over his head, I'm proud of myself."

Despite playing a singer, Keira admits she had to "fake" it and that she isn't at all interested in a music career. However, she did love the message the movie has.

"To me, this story is about friendship, the friendships that are possible between men and women, and the fact that it doesn't have to turn into a sexual relationship; I thought that was really special," she mused.

"I really loved the fact that it's about somebody whose life crumbled around her and she had to do something entirely for herself. I found her pretty inspiring."

Earlier this month Keira and James had their first wedding anniversary. However, the star revealed they didn't make any big plans because she's "not really that kind of girl".