Lena Dunham finds the way people delight in celebrities' misfortune "gross".

The star and creator of Girls took to her social media account to post a series of tweets condemning the attitude people demonstrate towards famous faces going through a hard time.

Lena didn't reference a particular incident but her angry tweets come after video footage emerged of Solange Knowles seemingly physically attacking Jay Z in an elevator. The alleged altercation took place at last week's Met Gala, with Jay's wife and Solange's sister Beyoncé also present.

"File this under duh, but the joy we get from watching celebrities experience pain is gross.

"It's like watching a hanging in the town square, only those Medieval folks had an excuse: no TV.

"Unless an incident has an essential cultural lesson to share with us, let's try enjoying fiction again (sic)," Lena fumed.

Since finding global fame with her double Golden Globe winning show 28-year-old Lena has become one of the most prominent voices on social media. She often updates fans with the goings on in her life, as well as posting daily musings and her innermost thoughts.

Her latest rant ended with her signing off on a slightly sour note, letting her critics know that her views are not biased because of her own fame.

"I'm not tweeting as the head of some "celebrities deserve better!" club. I'm tweeting as a human who can't always fight like a lady.

"And I tweeted the word celebrity 3 times in one day so I guess I have to go swallow poison:( (sic)," she wrote.