Jack White is doing something different with his new album ‘Lazaretto’. The vinyl edition of the album will play from the inside out.

Not only that the album will feature bonus song underneath the record label that can be played through the paper label.

The album also has two grooves, one featuring an acoustic version and an electric version that merges in the middle of the song to form the one track.

The etching of the vinyl also has a hologram of a floating angel in the disc which you can see when the light is shining on the record while playing at the right angle.

White calls ‘Lazaretto’ the Ultra LP.

Jack White ‘Lazaetto’ will be released in June via White’s Third Man Records.

Jack White Lazaretto technical details

Over the past 5 years, Third Man Records has brought to life many ideas that are new to the century-old vinyl format. So, when it came time for the creative hive to discuss the vision for the pressing of Jack White’s Lazaretto, we were keenly aware of what it would take to produce a piece of wax worthy of the music it would contain… No single innovation would suffice. We needed to go big. We needed to go bold. We needed to press an ULTRA LP.

- 180 gram vinyl

- 2 vinyl-only hidden tracks hidden beneath the center labels

- 1 hidden track plays at 78 RPM, one plays at 45 RPM, making this a 3-speed record

- Side A plays from the outside in

- Dual-groove technology: plays an electric or acoustic intro for “Just One Drink” depending on where needle is dropped. The grooves meet for the body of the song.

- Matte finish on Side B, giving the appearance of an un-played 78 RPM record

- Both sides end with locked grooves

- Vinyl pressed in seldom-used flat-edged format

- Dead wax area on Side A contains a hand-etched hologram by Tristan Duke of Infinity Light Science, the first of its kind on a vinyl record

- Zero compression used during mastering of this LP

- Different running order from the CD/digital version

- LP utilises some mixes different from those used on CD and digital version

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