Lea Michele honoured Cory Monteith on what would have been his 32nd birthday.

The Glee star posted an old picture on Sunday of the two of them together, with the caption "The biggest heart and most beautiful smile... In all of our hearts... We love you so. Happy Birthday."

Cory died in July 2013 from a drug/alcohol overdose, and Lea has spoken out about what the actor meant to her.

Her debut album Louder includes a song called If You Say So, inspired by the last conversation she ever had with Cory and co-written by Sia Furler.

“Now that I had this experience happen to me … we decided to write about it,” she told a room of reporters at Pulse Recording where she cut the album, according to the Los Angeles Times. “We decided that’s what felt organic. After we had this very, very emotional writing session we were about to end the day and [Sia] says, 'Listen to this song’. I just literally keeled over because grief is a very scary thing, and there comes a point where it can really take you down. [The song] lifted me up. It was what I needed to get through my difficult situation.”

Lea goes on to say that writing the album was extremely therapeutic, and it forced her to confront her feelings. The actress wanted her record to be as authentic as possible and a real reflection of her.

“My goal in all of this was to make an album that was honest, and true to me,” she said. “It’s something beautiful that came at a very difficult time. If I’ve learned anything from this past year is that you have one life. You have to live your life to the fullest. You have to love as hard as you can love and live as hard as you can live because we just have one life.”