Lily Allen had “no idea” what she was trying to say on her latest album.

The Air Balloon singer released Sheezus this week and it has started to be reviewed by critics. But after one music journalist made a remark about her not knowing what she wanted to say on the record, the 29-year-old took to Twitter to share her views.

“This whole record is about being confused, i have no idea what i'm trying to say either, but why should i? its just music, not politics [sic]” she wrote.

But Lily’s comments sparked a flurry of messages from the Pop Justice website. The outlet felt that Lily was undervaluing pop music but the Smile singer didn’t agree.

“@Popjustice NO !!!!!! pop music should be irrerverant, provocative, fun, confused, but it certainly shouldn't have to be making a point [sic],” she replied.

When Lily then retweeted one of her followers comments that electronic dance music (EDM) doesn’t make a point, so why should pop music be any different, the outlet had even more to say.

“EDM doesn't generally discuss political or social or personal issues though, it's completely different,” it wrote.

“@Popjustice solve feminism in 3m30s....GO “the mum-of-two replied.

“@lilyallen Don't need to. You didn't list the A-Z in LDN but it was still a sharp observation about your experience of living in London,” the Pop Justice writer shot back before trying to clarify the situation by adding, “In summary it's a shame if you can't feel proud of your music, because there is loads about it that's worth being proud of. It's just frustrating that your response to agenda-driven journalism is to pretend your music doesn't mean anything”

But this fired Lily up even further, tweeting: “i am f***ing proud of my music, stop putting words in my mouth.”