Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria are reportedly not as close as they once were.

The fashion designer and former Desperate Housewives star were good friends, bonding after Victoria and her family moved to Los Angeles. At one time they were seen together a lot but it seems things have cooled, with Eva noticeably absent from Victoria's recent 40th birthday party.

"When David and Vic first moved to America, Eva was so friendly and really helped them out. She introduced them to a lot of A-listers they might have struggled to meet without her," a source told British magazine Heat.

"Now, though, Victoria's an internationally-respected fashion designer, she's a star in her own right over in the States and they're not as close, so Eva missed both her parties. Vic's a big name now - she can invite whoever she wants."

Victoria's birthday fell on April 17 and she celebrated with a low-key day in LA. She then had a big night out in London ten days later, with her former Spice Girls bandmates Mel C and Emma Bunton on hand to help. Her friends showed how much they appreciated her with presents including a painting worth £40,000 and a solid white gold iPad case.

Although the event was fun, Victoria's husband David is said to be worried about her friendship with Eva. He understands people grow apart, but apparently still hopes they will get back on track.

"He knows Eva helped them out in LA and now that Victoria isn't as close to her, he feels awkward," the source said.