In a chat with Paul Weller on this morning's XFM London Breakfast Show presenter Jon Holmes exclusively revealed that Paul Weller will play an intimate gig at the 100 Club on Tuesday 20th May.

Here's what the Modfather had to say on performing intimate gigs…
Jon Holmes: Let's talk intimate gigs first of all of course, 'cos you've got two that have sold out. Bush Hall is on the 19th of this month, Dingwall's on 21st of course. Before we talk about pressing matters to do with intimate gigs, why intimate gigs Paul, what's the occasion for these?
Paul Weller: Well its kind of like acted as a kind of launch for the greatest hits record that's coming out. But also, we just fancied doing it.
Jon Holmes: Ye!
Paul Weller: Good enough reason isn't it?!
Jon Holmes: Well you can't get a better reason absolutely not! Well, let's get onto it. Sandwiched in-between the 19th May and the 21st comes another gig which we are exclusively announcing this morning. It is that… Paul, you will be playing the 100 Club on Tuesday 20th May.
Paul Weller: Yep!
Jon Holmes: Now 100 Club Paul, for those that have never been, what's it like as a venue?
Paul Weller: It's erm, like a place that's been frozen in time, but in a good way, in a nice way! But you do get a sense of history. So many different people have played there over the decades. So there's a definite sense of history in that place I think. It's in the walls and the décor.
Jon Holmes: It's certainly in the carpet as well!

On new material…
Jon Holmes: What other new material… can we expect some?
Paul Weller: Fantastic, yep!
Jon Holmes: When is new material coming?
Paul Weller: Well I'm just working on it now. We've done sort of half the record, but we probably won't get a chance to finish it or do any more to it until September/October time because we've got gigs hop until then. I guess probably early next year, Spring next year.

On playing the drums for Noel and Damon's collaboration last year…
Jon Holmes: I last saw you live last year at The Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust. And you were playing drums for the Noel and…
Paul Weller: Well, loosely speaking [laughs]
Jon Holmes: [Laughs] … For the Noel and Damon collaboration. Did that feel like a moment at the time?
Paul Weller: Ye I think there was a definite sense of history in the making there. It was nice to be sitting at the back watching it!