Rita Ora is "proud" of the fans from her home town.

The blonde singer was just one when her family moved to the UK from her birthplace of Pristina, Kosovo. Although she was raised in London Rita makes sure not to forget her roots and is grateful for the support from those who live in Pristina.

"I don't want to say yes, but it's incredible how much they support me," she commented to British magazine Look on whether she sees herself as the world's most famous Kosovan. "I went to shoot a video there and I honestly felt like, not in a joke way, like Mother Teresa or Princess Diana had landed. Kids were crying, and I've never felt so proud."

Rita, 23, is currently gearing up to release her record I Will Never Let You Down, following on from her 2012 debut Ora.

She had the help of her DJ beau Calvin Harris on the album's title track and believes his input changed the sound of her music dramatically.

"As much as possible," she smiled when asked how often she sees her boyfriend. "I love the fact that we, um, have our own things going on, you know? It really is sexy. [Meeting Calvin halfway through my second album] really inspired me in a different light, then made my album suddenly became much easier to make. He knew me at that point more than anybody else did.

"I'm honestly so, so nervous about releasing this record. I've never been this open before."

Rita was scouted by rapper Jay Z, who propelled her into the limelight after signing her to his label Roc Nation. The blonde beauty was thrilled when she got the chance to meet his wife Beyoncé Knowles, who she cites as a role model for being "fierce and glamorous".

"[Beyoncé has become] one of my inspirations in life. It's pretty unhuman to see how somebody could be so amazing at being disciplined," Rita gushed.