Boy George thinks that some of the world's "biggest stars" successfully pull off the androgynous look.

The British singer shot to fame in the '80s in pop group Culture Club, and is well known for mixing feminine and masculine looks together.

But he doesn't think he's alone in his style choices, and cites Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber as being part of a new breed of stars that are championing the look.

"[Justin Bieber] is gorgeous!" Boy George giggled to Access Hollywood Live. "I was in the store the other day and I was looking at Miley Cyrus and I was thinking, actually she has a kind of androgyny about her and similarly does Justin Bieber. And I think some of the biggest kind of stars have that kind of boy-girl thing.”

George has previously spoken at length about how he can identify with the struggles young stars face after being thrust into the media's spotlight.

Touching on the subject again, 52-year-old George says dishing out life advice to younger stars isn't worth it as they're not ready to take on board what you're saying.

"The thing about sort of giving advice to young stars, they’re not gonna listen to me are they? I wouldn’t listen to them," he mused. "I always think I hope they make it…through whatever they’re going through.”

George did reserve praise for one star though, who he admired for managing to keep it together throughout her many years in showbiz.

"Kylie Minogue… the other night, I gave her an award and I was saying she’s become a kind of gay icon without falling apart, which is unbelievable. Usually when you become a female gay icon, you’re sort of a drunk or you’ve like been divorced 50 times… even Madonna has, you know, kept it together," he smiled.