Liam Gallagher is reportedly close to reaching a child support settlement with the mother of his 16-month-old daughter.

The former Oasis rocker’s marriage to Nicole Appleton broke down in July of last year after reports surfaced he had fathered a child with American journalist Liza Ghorbani.

The New York Daily News reports early details of Liam’s planned financial support for the little girl were disclosed in Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday.

According to the outlet, the judge hearing the case gave Liam and Liza a few more weeks to hammer out the deal in order to avoid a court battle over child support.

"In the hope that you folks will be able to reach a settlement, I will give your attorneys three weeks to see if that can be resolved," the judge said.

Details of the deal are not expected to be made public.

The News reports Liza’s lawyer told the court a confidentiality clause would be included in any agreement.

Lawyers for both sides declined to speak to the press upon leaving the courthouse Monday.

Liza reportedly met Liam while writing a profile on his for the New York Times in 2010, two years after he married Nicole, the mother of his 12-year-old son, Gene.

The rocker reportedly broke the news to his wife about his alleged affair over the phone while she was on holiday with her older sisters in Florida and he was performing in Ibiza.

Nicole posted a series of tweets at the end of 2013 alluding to turmoil in her life.

“No matter how good you treat people there will always be people that are blind, take advantage of it and regret it when it’s gone,” she wrote. “You’re gonna get talked about, left out, used, and even lied to but you have to decide who’s worth the pain and who isn’t. Even the people you care about the most can walk out of your life. 2013 taught me to be prepared for whatever life throws at you.”

Liam’s last tweets meanwhile have Oasis fans abuzz.

The musician last posted on April 24, spelling out the band’s name in a series of six messages that ended with “Oasis LG”.

Fans are still holding out hopes for a reunion after Liam and his former Oasis bandmate and brother Noel Gallagher’s infamous 2009 feud resulted in a split.

Noel rejected more than $33 million to reunite for a world tour with his brother last December.