Rita Ora was surprised to get the chance to work with Prince.

The I Will Never Let You Down singer is set to release her second album later this year. One of the tracks, Pink Champagne, was written by the Purple Rain hitmaker after his team reached out to her.

"I got a call from his management saying, 'Prince wants to meet'," Rita recalled to British magazine Q. "I was like 'Actual Prince?' 'Yes' they said. 'When?' I said. 'Tonight' they said!"

Rita made herself available to meet the legendary singer and they started to work together on a track. But the 23-year-old admits it took some time for the perfect song to come out of their sessions.

"I met him in the studio and we talked about music," she explained. "It took months of getting to know him, then an amazing song came out of it."

Rita is signed with Jay-Z's Roc Nation label and she has previously revealed how they have a "brother-sister" relationship. While he cares about her career, Rita has said that he is happy for her to make her own decisions on her second release, and that's why she has taken influence from artists she admired when she was growing up.

"Usually with love songs you just sit and weep right? This [current single I Will Never Let You Down] is a love song you can dance to," she explained. "It reminds me of how I felt when I used to listen to Whitney [Houston]. It felt like a form of release, like something coming off my shoulders."