Paramore clock up the 10th anniversary of their first gig today.

In a tweet Hayley Williams from Paramore marked the occasion with “OK, if memory serves correctly … Our first show was 10 years ago today. We opened for @copelandband at The End in Nashville. #doubledigits.

Paramore are Franklin, Tennessee locals. In 2010, Hayley recalled the gig for Elle Magazine, “We were the local band opening for Copeland, who were one of our favorite bands at the time”.

Copeland formed in 2000 and lasted until 2010. Of their four albums before splitting their biggest chart success was the last album ‘You Are My Sunshine in 2007. It reached no 48 on the US chart.

On April 1, 2014 announced they had reformed and were working on a 5th album to be called ‘Ixora’ and released in October.

Paramore had quite a different story. Their biggest success, ‘Riot!’ in 2007 sold over 1.6 million in America despite only reaching no 15 on the chart. Their biggest chart success was 2013’s ‘Paramore’. That album debuted at no. 1 in America but is yet to sell 500,000.

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