LeAnn Rimes can’t stop playing Ed Sheeran.

The country music star is a big fan of the English singer-songwriter. And there’s one song lately she just can’t get out of her head.

“Love love love @edsheeran ‘Sing’ can't stop playing it,” she tweeted on Friday.

LeAnn is meanwhile working on some of her own music.

The Blue hitmaker was in the studio earlier this week, already putting parts together for her holiday tunes.

“This is how I'm recording today. Stacking vocals, building parts for a Xmas song. @darrellbrown #allinadayswork,” she tweeted Thursday with a picture of herself wearing headphones.

“Listening 2 Christmas music over coffee… Kinda odd since it's already hot outside at 7am loving what we recorded yesterday @darrellbrown,” she added in an earlier message.

The 31-year-old star is also getting ready for the premiere of her reality show.

The US series, LeAnn & Eddie, follows the star’s life with husband Eddie Cibrian.

Despite rumours of drama plaguing the production, LeAnn told fans in March VH1 would moving forward with the show, which will apparently air this summer.

“Happy! We now have an exact date for the premier for ‘LeAnn & Eddie’ @vh1 July 17 is not far off. This year is flying by!!” she wrote.

The star’s comments came just weeks after reports emerged producers were grappling with “boring footage and a quagmire of legal red tape”.

“There’s no chemistry between LeAnn and Eddie,” a source told America’s Star magazine at the time. “She spends the entire time adoring and grabbing him, and he couldn’t care less.”

VH1 executives nevertheless appeared thrilled about the programming when it was announced last year.

“LeAnn and Eddie are both talented entertainers who have really captured the public’s imagination in the last couple of years, but there is so much more to them than what you read in the tabloids,” network president Tom Calderone said.
“This is going to be a really fun show in which we hope to reveal what their lives are really like – from the normalcy of their home life, to what drives them artistically, to the chaos of their celebrity life.”