Jamie Foxx “predicts” that Drake will be a movie star “for the next two decades”.

Jamie has successfully straddled the worlds of music and movies, having won Grammys for his singing career and an Oscar for his role in 2004’s Ray.

At the moment he is promoting The Amazing Spider-Man 2, in which he portrays blue-faced Electro. While discussing the release, Jamie gave his views on where Canadian rapper Drake’s career could be heading.

“What people don’t understand is, he’s an actor. So, when he did Saturday Night Live, I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, you really showing ‘em,’” he told MTV News.

“I got movie ideas for him. I think he can go a long way. He’s gonna be a surprise for the next two decades. That’s my prediction.”

Jamie and Drake have worked together in the past, with Drake appearing on a remix of the star’s track Digital Girl. They also collaborated on 2010’s Fall for Your Type, with Jamie always sure his pal would make it big.

“Drake is my little brother, man,” he said. “When he first came out, I took him to [The Tonight Show With] Conan O’Brien and I said, ‘Listen, you may not know who this is, but in a couple of years, the whole world will know his name,’” he recalled.

Jamie has spoken of how much fun he had shooting The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which also stars Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. His four-year-old daughter Annalise was particularly excited about her dad’s role as she loves the superhero. The tot showed her support for her dad by donning full Electro make-up for the New York City premiere of the release last month.

“She was actually dressed as Spider-Man on the set, but she knows she’s gotta go home… she needs a house to live in, so you know team Electro all the way!” Jamie laughed at the event.