Details are emerging on the arrest of Paul Simon and Edie Brickell on Saturday for disturbing the peace.

The Norwalk, CT newspaper The Hour was able to obtain two police reports that detailed the situation at the couple’s home. According to the reports, the police responded after receiving a 911 call hang-up that is now known to have been made by Simon and not by Brickell’s mother as originally reported.

When they police arrived, they could hear Brickell yelling at her mother inside while Simon waited outside. The report states that the argument started when Brickell confronted Simon over something he did that “broke her heart” and accusing him of “acting like a spoiled baby.” After the fight escalated, Brickell said that she slapped her husband, cutting his ear slightly. Simon then said he shoved his wife and called 911 before hanging up without saying anything to the operator.

Police did see bruises on Brickell’s wrists but the singer would not allow them to take a photograph of the injuries.

In court, both singers said that there was no further threat and the judge did not place a protective order, allowing them to leave together with an order to appear in court on May 16 to face misdemeanour charges of disturbing the peace.