Lily Allen thinks the increase in music piracy has lead to the decline of risk taking in the record industry.

The outspoken British singer's latest album Sheezus hits the shelves tomorrow, coinciding with her 29th birthday. She's already received backlash for singles Hard Out Here and Our Time, something Lily brushes off.

Admitting she released the more cutting songs first at the request of her record label, Lily is adamant that best is still to come.

"People fear for their jobs in this economy. No one want to approve something that might offend," Lily divulged to British Glamour magazine. "But the simple answer is if people paid for music instead of stealing it, we'd be in a position where people would go with their gut instincts instead of being scared of losing their jobs. But I don't blame anybody. I write all my songs. I just feel sad that the record industry doesn't work like it used to y'know?"

On the subject of her recent run in with feminists following Lily's misconstrued claim that there was a man behind every women, the star is now monitoring her words much more carefully.

"Yes, so I have to choose my words more carefully now. Because people are just determined. Times are tough, people need promotion, they need scoops. And they make me look a tit," she sighed.

One artist that shares Lily's love for trailblazing is Miley Cyrus. Although Lily appeared to mock the trend for twerking in her music video for Hard Out Here, something Miley's 2013 MTV VMA's performance spawned, the pair have actually struck up a friendship.

"Because she's owning it and it definitely comes from her. She's rebelling. I love her. if you wanna put your body on display like that, it's absolutely fine. It's when somebody else tells you that you need to do that in order to sell your products that's offensive," Lily explained.