Selena Gomez is reportedly hanging out with Orlando Bloom to hurt Justin Bieber "as much as he hurt her".

The 21-year-old star began dating the handsome singer in 2010 and they have had an on/off relationship since then, but are currently believed to have ended things.

Orlando too has recently become single after he and his wife Miranda Kerr announced their split last year.

Selena was spotted getting close to the British actor recently when they both appeared on the Chelsea Handler show on Saturday and it was reported they left in a car together.

“Her friends are pushing her to start dating. She really needs to get Justin out of her system, that’s why she’s been hanging out with Orlando,” a source explained to”She knows it will get to Justin because they got in a fight over Orlando already and he accused her of cheating on him. He’s totally threatened by Orlando. She wants to make Justin hurt as much as he hurt her. Plus, she thinks Orlando is super hot, she’s always had a crush on him.”

It is thought Selena and Justin's split was an acrimonious one and there have been various reports as to what tore them apart. Miranda and Justin reportedly got cosy during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2012, which could have contributed to both parties' relationships ending.

Selena's pals and loved ones are reportedly pleased Justin is no longer a big part of her life after his supposed negative effects on her.

“Selena and Justin are over, and it actually seems like it’s really done for good. Everyone in her life is very hopeful because they believe he’s nothing but toxic for her,” the source added.

Justin's run-ins with the law could also be another reason he and his former flame are reportedly on bad terms, as Selena has been deposed to testify in an assault case that is currently pending against him.