Carrie Underwood’s husband “stays out of her way” while she’s at work.

NHL star Mike Fisher gives his wife the space she needs while she’s creating music. The country crooner is currently penning material for her next album.

“She’s actually real busy doing a lot of writing and stuff,” Mike told Us Weekly at the Time 100 Gala in New York City. “I’ve been just kind of hanging out, just kind of being home and enjoying that. I stay out of her way. I go golfing or go fishing or something.”

The six-time Grammy winner doesn’t mind Mike keeping himself occupied when she’s busy. Carrie gives music her all, usually concentrating on her next big hit until she “crashes” late at night at home.

“He stays away. That whole creative process is such a weird thing, and I’ve talked to other people in the music business and friends and why they do and we all kind of have our own ‘isms,’” Carried added. “I go in and I’m like caffeinated. I get jacked up on caffeine and then I come home and crash.”

Despite their hectic schedules, Carrie and Mike still make time to get away together. The couple spent their last holiday on a romantic island last February.

“We actually went away a few months ago to Turks and Caicos for the Olympic break for a week or ten days,” Mike said. “It was just awesome. It was nice to get away.”

The couple has been married since 2010.