Joe Jonas is worried about how well he’ll “speak to an audience” during his upcoming tour.

The star is best known for being in the band Jonas Brothers alongside his siblings Nick and Kevin. They were due to reunite last year but Nick pulled the plug on the plans, with Joe and Kevin now teaming up for three interactive tour dates. Off the Record with Kevin & Joe Jonas will see them chatting to fans in intimate venues, and Joe is already nervous.

“We hope that people will be really involved, have a lot of fun, kind of something that we get to do a lot more of," he told ET. "Hopefully I can do well speaking to an audience because you know, I'm so used to singing. It'll be a little bit different.”

It’ll be a new experience for the pair, who are used to playing sold out stadium shows. Kevin sees it as a way for them to share their story and discuss their future plans.

Exactly what those are remains to be seen, although they both insist they harbour no ill feelings towards Nick. The youngest Jonas Brother might even put in a special guest appearance on the tour.

"We might have him send a video or Skype him in or something like that, but he's been really busy with preparing for a TV show right now," Joe said. "It's a new show that’s going to be on DirecTV and he’s been getting jacked for it. He plays a fighter, so he's been in the gym every single day, twice a day, eating more than you can imagine."