Intensi-T, aka Tom Povey, is about to make his mark. The 21-year-old beatboxer, rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist is the first credible act to assemble a whole album of potential pop songs using just the voice: the instrumental parts, the guitar, bass, keyboards and drums - the works.

Having already taught himself to play the drums, piano and guitar at the age of 11, Aberystwyth born and Norwich raised Intensi-T homed his beatboxing skills while busking in London and Norwich during his early teens. When the busking laws got tougher, Intensi-T decided to change tack. He started inundating promoters for bookings. His persistence reaped dividends - not only did he end up getting booked for Latitude Festival, but he also secured a number of slots on the London club and open mic circuit.

It was at one of these nights that Intensi-T was spotted by Megaman of So Solid fame, who was blown away by his beatboxing skills. The garage stalwart started to manage Intensi-T alongside music industry heavyweights, ASM Talent and things started to “get more organised". A deal with London Records followed, along with a loud buzz from his live appearances.

Increasingly confident performing live, he set about honing his studio techniques. Throughout 2013 he perfected the songs that would comprise his 2014 debut album, co-produced by Ollie Green, who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga. His first single release is ‘My Drums’, a euphoric encapsulation of his past and his craft, out now via London Records.

With the respect of garage and grime legends (Wiley, Dizzee) and pop royalty, (Ed Sheeran, Nicola Roberts, Pixie Lott), Intensi-T doesn’t need to do much more convincing.