Liam Payne has had to send Instagram his passport to prove who he is.

The One Direction star rose to fame with bandmates Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan and the five boys can’t go anywhere without being stopped by hordes of screaming fans. But it seems the social networking site isn’t so sure of the 20-year-old’s identity.

“Instagram if u can please unlock my account as I've sent you my passport and I am me and I'd like to use it thank you much appreciated (sic),” Liam appealed on Twitter.

The singer has had problems with his Instagram account ever since he set it up at the weekend. He admitted he felt like a “granddad” because he couldn’t “figure it out” and was left perplexed when he was bombarded with messages from the site.

“half a million followers on my Instagram in half a day aha crazy times hope that I can make my insta fun for u,” he tweeted.

“Lmao can people stop trying to break into my Instagram I only just got it lol that sh*ts clogging up my mail

“Stop trying to guess my password!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My emails going crazy with junk and I need it to make u all nice music for new albums!! (sic)”

One Direction are currently on the first leg of their Where We Are Tour and will perform in Santiago, Chile, tonight. Liam took some time out from Instagram woes and work to enjoy the local wildlife.

“Spent the 1st few hours of the day shouting at a parrot trying to make him curse lol,” he shared with his Twitter followers.

“My real job is explorer all the rest of the stuff just part time keeping busy (sic)”