Scorpions drummer James Kottak was arrested on April 3 at the airport in Dubai on charges of insulting Islam and has been sentenced to a month in jail.

The band was en route from Russia to Bahrain to perform at a Formula One race when Kottak was arrested. The drummer had, reportedly, had five glasses of wine on the flight from Moscow to Dubai and, while at the airport, began swearing at other people, yelling about “uneducated muslims”, flipping his middle finger and, eventually, pulling down his pants to moon the growing crowd.

Kottak says he does not remember doing any of the acts with his lawyer saying that he was only trying to show his tattoos to the crowd. The drummer has said that he will admit to drinking but refutes the other charges.

Kottak was given a $544 fine for drinking without a license, one month in jail and will be deported. As he has been incarcerated since April 3, he is expected to be released within the week.

Along with the Scorpions, Kottak has played with such bands as Montrose, Warrant and Dio.

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