Adele has reportedly bought her son a pricey playhouse.

The chart topper allegedly splashed out on a £15,000 Victorian-style playhouse for her 18-month-old son Angelo. The white weatherboard toy features three turrets, a picket fence and a veranda.

“Nothing is too much for Angelo as far as Adele is concerned,” a source told British newspaper The Sun. “She dotes on that little boy.”

The Skyfall singer is only spending a fraction of her fortune on the playhouse, which can also be linked to electricity. Adele apparently hopes her son will continue to enjoy the gift for years to come.

“A couple of her friends have the playhouses and she thought it would be the perfect gift,” the source continued. “It’s the kind of thing he’ll never get bored of either – he’ll still be hanging out in it with his mates when he’s ten.”

The item is thought to be one of Adele’s most lavish purchases. The singer is one of the wealthiest musicians in Great Britain with a £30 million fortune, but seemingly prefers to live a modest lifestyle compared to other entertainers in the industry.

“But actually, Adele isn’t usually one to splash out on things,” the source added. “She’s never been one for the usual celebrity trappings.”

Adele last gave her fans a rare glimpse of her son by posting a picture of him reaching for his sippy cup on her Twitter account in March. The singer shared a four-photo collage of her drinking from a mug along with a fish tank, water being poured in a bowl and her son to help promote World Water Day.

“Everyone tweet a picture of yourself with water!” she tweeted. “Drinking, showering, cooking cleaning.”