Connie Britton finds singing and recording the songs for Nashville “scary”.

The 47-year-old actress plays Rayna Jaymes in the hit ABC musical drama. In most episodes she has to perform country songs, and she admits it’s a double edged sword.

“I love it, it’s my favourite part but also the scariest part,” she revealed to “It’s so exciting and rewarding to be able to sing these songs and record them and perform them. All these songs are written by Nashville songwriters, these incredible people, it’s really just one of the great joys of doing the show that we get to do that.”

The show’s first series was a major success on both sides of the Atlantic and season two has continued to keep fans on the edge of their seats. But Connie says there are still some exciting episodes to come as they near the end of the second series.

“From here to the end... these were really strong episodes and very packed with story," she explained. “The second-to-last episode in particular was exciting as we got to shoot at Fort Campbell army base. That’s the one that Michelle Obama is going to be a part of. My character Rayna puts on a big concert for the troops. We got to actually perform a concert for the troops of Fort Campbell and their families and it was an extraordinary day so I’m excited for that one.”

The season culminates with Rayna releasing her first album from her own record label. Connie believes there will be some “moments of victory” for her character but there will still be some surprises for the viewers.

“[There are] also some twists in there, there was definitely a twist in there that surprised me when I read it,” she added.