Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly feels “cursed” since her split from Chris Martin.

The 41-year-old actress and her musician husband announced their “conscious uncoupling” last month after more than ten years of marriage.

To add to the stress of her break-up, Gwyneth had a scary encounter with her alleged stalker earlier this month when he appeared at her home in Los Angeles. Nickolaos Gavrilis previously managed to enter the London home she has with Chris in 2012 and tried again last year.

Gwyneth is said to feel more anxious than ever about how things are turning out.

“Gwyneth told friends she feels cursed, everything seems to be going wrong since she and Chris announced their split.
She feels relieved she finally has a restraining order on her alleged stalker, but the whole episode has been terrifying. It still worries her what he might do next,” an insider told British magazine Closer.

To add to these events, it has reported Gwyneth’s website Goop lost a large amount of money in 2012 and 2011 and the company’s CEO Seb Bishop reportedly made a swift departure this month. This is thought to have left her feeling even more worried about what the future holds.

“She desperately wants to inspire people with Goop, but she fears people think she’s out of touch. The company has mounting debts and she’s even considered admitting defeat and moving on,” the insider added.

She and Chris are reportedly still living together with their children Apple, nine, and Moses, eight. While they are trying to remain close for the kids' sake, this set up is believed to be making it difficult for her to meet new people.

“Chris is staying in a flat in the grounds of their LA home, and Gwyneth is worried about dating while he’s so close,” the source added. “She’s also nervous that she will feel lonely when Chris eventually moves out.

“When Gwyneth was with Chris, she felt protected, but she’s determined not to let things get the better of her. She’s told friends she’ll fight through this difficult time.”