Puff Daddy once went missing in Ibiza for a week, so lost out on recording an album.

The music mogul partied for seven days straight on the popular Spanish isle while he was due to put down tracks with music producer Stuart Price. Instead of working in the studio, he club hopped around the island’s hotspots.

“I had this album that I had started, it’s called Divided Soul, it will come out one day,” Puff explained during the International Music Summit in Los Angeles.

“I was doing it with Stuart Price and Nellee Hooper and we went out to record it in Ibiza. We rented a house and we were supposed to record it in seven days, but once I went out to the clubs, we didn’t return back to those house for seven days.”

Puff’s co-producer was less than thrilled with his unprofessionalism and refused to speak with him for two weeks.

“Anybody that knows Stuart knows he’s serious about his work and I’m serious about his work and I’m serious about my work too, but it was my first time in Ibiza so the island just took me. Stuart was mad at me for a couple of weeks, but he understood,” the rapper laughed.

Puff is set to release a collaborative album with DJ and producer Guy Gerber titled 11:11 this summer. Puff describes it as a “demented after hours minds” production.

“It’s all about the spiritual aspect of this music,” he said. “Playing from the heart and experiencing true emotions. I am always looking for DJs and producers without a set format, who aren’t afraid to clear the dance floor, who are fearless. I thought it would be cool to work with Guy after hearing him.”