Pet Shop Boys will premier a new work based on the life of codebreaker Alan Turing.

A Man From the Future is an “evocation of the life and work of the computer pioneer and code-breaker” written for orchestra, choir, electronics and a narrator with text based on the book Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe collaborated with Hodges on the work.

The piece will be premiered on July 23 at the Late Night Proms in Royal Albert Hall, a part of the BBC Proms series, and will be performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra conducted by Dominic Wheeler.

Neil and Chris said “It is an honour for us to be invited to present some new music at The Proms and to celebrate Alan Turing 60 years after his death.”

The program for the evening starts with a playing of Richard Niles’ Overture to Performance followed by a guest vocalist and the orchestra presenting new arrangements of some of Tennant and Lowe’s “most personal songs” with arrangements by composer Angelo Badalamenti.

This is not the Pet Shop Boys’ first move into serious music. In 2001, the wrote the musical Closer to Heaven and, ten years later, they presented the ballet The Most Incredible Thing based on a tale by Hans Christian Andersen.

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