Courteney Cox says the best thing about working with her boyfriend was “kissing between takes”.

The 49-year-old actress has been dating Snow Patrol rocker Johnny McDaid since December. Her beau used his musical skills to contribute to the soundtrack of her new film Just Before I Go, which Courteney directed

When asked what the best part of the collaborative process was, the couple admitted enjoying the close proximity.

“We got to kiss between takes!” they told Life & Style.

Johnny, 37, also took the opportunity to gush about his girlfriend. He found the experience of working with her enlightening.

“She gets music, she gets art, she understands the way a scene is constructed, how dialogue works and she puts it all together in her mind and explains it to the world,” he smiled. “And [she] makes me laugh and squirm and jump.”

Gabriel Cowan, who produced the movie, gave an insight into how the pair first got together. Gabriel is close friends with Courteney’s ex-husband David Arquette, who the actress shares daughter Coco with.

“They didn't meet on set, but they did meet through this film. I think the first time they met was at the very first test screening, which was however many months ago. You know, he saw the movie and was like, ‘I need to be with the director!’” Gabriel laughed.

“David and Johnny get along great. Johnny… is humble, he's present, he's super talented. With Johnny's music and his twist on things and them [Courteney and Johnny] collaborating, it was really fun to watch.”

Just Before I Go marks Courteney’s directorial debut. During its premiere on Thursday at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, the star told People how grateful she is for Johnny’s support.

"I've had a lot more support from him than him just being here tonight," she smiled. "Snow Patrol wrote three original songs for this movie. I'm really fortunate. It's amazing, all the musical things that he brought to it."