Justin Bieber was allowed entry into the US after being detained by customs officials Thursday.

The Canadian pop star was held for questioning for nearly four hours after his Singapore Air flight from Tokyo landed at Los Angeles International Airport in the early afternoon.

E! News reports Justin was driven away in a van that had been waiting outside the international terminal since his arrival.

It remained unclear at press time why Justin was held for questioning.

X17online previously reported a member of the star’s entourage remained in the dark as they waited outside to hear whether or not the star would be allowed entry.

"I have no idea what's going on in there -- we're just waiting. But it's been more than an hour and a half now..." one of the star’s bodyguards reportedly told an X17 photographer.

Justin has had several run-ins with customs officials and police in recent months.

The pop star’s private plane was searched by agents after he returned to the US from South America in November, according to the outlet.

Justin also faces charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license stemming from a January incident in Miami, Florida, where he is also being sued amid claims he ordered his bodyguard to assault a photographer.

And in Los Angeles, he’s accused of causing $20,000 in damage to his neighbour’s home by allegedly throwing eggs at the property.

Recent reports suggested the star’s lawyers were working on a deal in that case.

Justin also faces allegations of assault in Toronto, Canada, and last November he was charged with illegally spray-painting graffiti in Rio de Janeiro.