Liam Gallagher has fans abuzz about a possible Oasis reunion.

The musician took to Twitter on Thursday, posting a series of six tweets that spelled out the band’s name, ending with “Oasis LG”.

UK newspaper The Mirror reports fans were sent into a “frenzy”, desperately replying to the rock star with questions about the cryptic messages.

"So @liamgallagher has done the s. What is he gonna tweet next?" the outlet reports one user asked.

"Liam GallaGHER WHAT R U TRYING TO TELL US,” one frustrated follower wrote.

Others made the leap that Liam’s messages meant an official announcement was imminent.

"Oasis are BACK its official :-) said so !!!! Brilliant news,” one fan wrote.

Others were just holding out hopes for a one-off performance at Glastonbury, which kicks off in Pilton on June 25.

"Such mixed emotions! Would love an oasis reform but just really not at Glastonbury! Do it for the proper oasis fans at Heaton or etihad,” The Mirror reports another fan wrote.

Another emotional follower added: “And there are going to be A LOT of tears if it happens, because… If oasis do reform and headline at Glastonbury, I actually think I will be either hysterical or in tears."

A spokesperson for the star had not confirmed rumours of a reunion at press time, and Liam had not elaborated about the meaning of the messages.

The Mirror reports Liam’s tweets follow shortly after his brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel Gallagher rejected more than $33 million to reunite for a world tour last December.

Apparently the feud that erupted between the siblings backstage in 2009 is still bubbling.

“There were hopes he would do it but frankly, he just doesn’t want to. The Oasis reunion is well and truly off,” a source close to Noel previously stated.