Justin Bieber’s DUI trial has been delayed until July.

The 20-year-old pop star faces charges of driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license stemming from an incident in Miami, Florida in January.

The Baby hitmaker was scheduled to face Miami-Dade County Judge William Altfield in the case on May 5.

But CBS News reports the magistrate instead granted a motion for a postponement requested by Justin’s legal team in order to properly examine evidence.

The singer’s attorney, Roy Black, will now have two additional months to prepare, with the trial now slated to begin July 7.

Justin was arrested in Miami on January 23 after he was stopped on suspicion of drag racing in the city and the officer suspected he was under the influence.

The Washington Post reported Justin’s blood alcohol content was below the .02 limit for underage drivers, but other analysis proved Xanax and marijuana was present in his system.

TMZ reported earlier this month his legal team was working hard to hammer out a deal with prosecutors before the trial, although Roy told reporters after a hearing in March no deal was on the table.

PageSix reported at the time Justin's lawyer said the star was ready for due process.

“All we’re going to say is, we’re going to prepare for a trial and that Mr. Bieber has pleaded not guilty,” he said.

Justin is facing numerous legal cases at the moment.

He also being sued in Miami amid allegations he ordered his bodyguard to assault a photographer.

And in Los Angeles, he’s accused of causing $20,000 in damage to his neighbour’s home by allegedly pelting it with eggs.

Recent reports suggested the star’s lawyers were working on a deal in that case as well.

The star has also faces allegations of assault in Toronto, Canada, and last November he was charged with illegally spray-painting graffiti in Rio de Janeiro.