Paul Weller has said he is finished with participating in Record Store Day.

It’s not day or the cause. It’s the concept of limited edition releases and loathsome few who are the record businesses version of scalpers, grabbing copies off the top and selling them at sites like eBay for big money.

Record Store Day is an important event for the music retailers who have found a way to survive in the digital age. It is a shame that a few can ruin things for the true music fan.

Weller’s statement:


This is a message to all the fans who couldn’t get the new vinyl single on Record Store Day and/or paid a lot of money for a copy on eBay.

I agree with all of you who have sent messages expressing your anger and disappointment at the exploitation of these “limited editions” by touts.

Apart from making the record, the rest has very little to do with me but I am disheartened by the whole thing and unfortunately I won’t be taking part in Record Store Day again.

It’s such a shame because as you know I am a big supporter of independent record stores but the greedy touts making a fast buck off genuine fans is disgusting and goes against the whole philosophy of RSD.

There were copies of my single on eBay the day before Record Store Day and I’ve heard stories of people queuing outside their local record shop only to be told there were none left at opening time!

It only takes a few to spoil a wonderful concept for everyone else. Shame on those touts.

Don’t support their trade and don’t let them use Record Store Day to ruin the very thing it’s designed to support.

Onwards. PW

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