Katherine Jackson is unconcerned about Debbie Rowe’s plans to gain custody of her late ex-husband’s children according to reports.

Michael Jackson’s 83-year-old mother was awarded guardianship of his three children in August 2009, weeks after the King of Pop passed away suddenly. But it was reported last week that Michael’s second wife had launched a bid for custody of her two biological children – Prince Michael I, 17 and Paris, 16 – and of their younger brother, 12-year-old Prince Michael II, known as Blanket. However a source close to the family matriarch has revealed that Katherine is far from concerned.

“Katherine isn't worried about it. It will never happen," the insider told People Magazine. "She's not heard a word about this from Debbie Rowe officially or unofficially and she hasn't been contacted by her lawyers."

Debbie's lawyer, Eric George, and the Jackson family lawyer have yet to respond to requests for comment from the magazine.

The 55-year-old recently announced her engagement to Michael’s former producer Marc Schaffel. According to another family insider, the announcement of the custody bid so close to the engagement is nothing short of suspicious.

“It’s a shameless publicity stunt put out in the media by Debbie’s camp,” the source told Radar Online.

The news also doesn’t sit well with eldest child Prince. According to the outlet, he has vowed to make sure he stays in the care of his grandmother along with his siblings.

“Prince is absolutely disgusted by Debbie’s plans to go to court to try and gain custody of himself, Paris and Blanket,” the source said. “Debbie wasn’t around for years, and Prince doesn’t consider her his mother. As far as Prince is concerned, Debbie was basically a surrogate mother.”