Dave Davies has taken to his official Facebook page to send out encouragement to ailing AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young.

While nothing has been confirmed, the rumor mill is saying that Young has had a stroke, one which will keep him out of the studio in the coming months while his group records a new album. Some fans and sites are even reporting that his musical career may be over.

Kinks guitarist Dave Davies, who also suffered a stroke, posted words of encouragement for Young last Thursday.

Malcolm Young – never give up – and remember all the important ‘tricks’ you learnt and keep going over and over them in your mind- always excerise your hands and fingers- picking coins from the floor- picking up pins from a flat surface-constantly touch the tips of your fingers with the thumb and try to do it faster and faster- image playing your best solos ever in your mind before you go to sleep-daily – Dave Davies

Today, Davies was back but, this time, with a strongly worded message for the rumor mongers.

I have no idea exactly what physical state Malcolm Young is in but the public sending out negative vibes about the whole thing is not going to help at all. It really does not help by people taking a negative view that his career is over. Part of the healing process is convincing the brain and MIND that it is capable of anything. I wish him well. I was afraid my first shows last year might have been my last but sometimes you have to have blind faith with the support of people around you which I was fortunate to receive.

Positive thoughts and encouraging support of others are paramount in the healing process. Love, Dave

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