The two year battle over the name Queensryche may soon be over.

Two years ago, the current version of the band fired lead singer Geoff Tate. The original members went on to hire Todd La Torre as a new lead singer while Tate brought in all new musicians and also started using the Queensryche name. Tension was brought even higher last year when the La Torre band far outsold and received more critical acclaim for a new release when compared to a release by the new Tate version. A lawsuit, brought by Tate and his manager/wife, is currently making its way through the courts but a resolution may be at hand prior to trial.

James Wood of the Allentown Music Examiner recently spoke with the Michael Wilton from the La Torre version of the band who told him that a settlement has been reached out of court. "What I can say is that both sides have reached an amicable settlement and it’s now just a matter of time. There will be an official press release but for now, you’ll have to wait."

Meanwhile, the La Torre band is working on new music for their second album with the new lineup.

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