Victoria Beckham apparently had an "awkward" run-in with Mel B at the gym.

The pair are rumoured to be on bad terms since Victoria made it clear she wouldn't be interested in reuniting with her former Spice Girls bandmates. Apparently the designer and her sportsman husband David were taking son Brooklyn to a class at a gym in Los Angeles, where they bumped into Mel.

"Posh was visibly shocked to see Mel in the class - she normally goes to one in West Hollywood," a source revealed to British magazine Heat. "It was really awkward, so Posh waved, but Mel blanked her."

Victoria, 40, has made a name for herself as a designer and sells dresses rather than records these days. Mel has previously expressed a desire to keep performing with the band, but despite their differences, Victoria apparently offered her an olive branch.

"At the end of the class, Vic caught Mel and they chatted for about a minute - it looked uncomfortable," the insider continued.

"It sounded like Vic asked Mel if she still held a grudge and said it was unnecessary to 'act like a child' in public. Mel started to get riled up, so David stepped up."

Victoria previously admitted that she wanted to be "elsewhere" when the band briefly reformed in 2008. It's thought comments like that started to wind up her former bandmate.

Now, however, they could be set to make up.

"Victoria's desperate to move on," a source added. "She's invited Mel to come to her LA home so they can talk properly, and she's accepted."