Peaches Geldof had "found her place" before her untimely death, say friends.

The devastating news that 25-year-old Peaches had been found dead at her Kent home broke earlier this month, leaving her family and friends confused and upset.

The young mom had been at home with her youngest son Phaedra, while husband Thomas Cohen was out with 23-month-old son Astala at the time, it was reported.

Reflecting on her short life, those closest to her say motherhood had curbed her wild ways and that she was content.

"During the past two or three years she was lighter, happier, as if she had found her place. But don't kid yourself it was easy. Life was never easy for Peaches" a friend revealed to British magazine Grazia.

The friend went on say that a lot of Peaches' hardships stemmed from the passing of her mother Paula Yates, who died of an accidental heroin overdose when Peaches was a young girl.

Although an autopsy has been carried out, results proved to be inconclusive. Toxicology tests are expected to be released within a couple of weeks to confirm the reasons behind Peaches' death.

But those close to her like to honour Peaches' memory by remembering how strong-willed and full of life the late star was.

"Peaches spent many years not wanting to talk about her mom unless she was drunk because it was too hard. She was 11 when Paula died. Still a child, yet already far more mature than most girls that age," the friend said.

"I watched her change into a headstrong teenager with ambitions to change the world through her journalism, through her lost weekends of drugs, and dysfunctional relationships, then out the other side."