Dannii Minogue occasionally "kidnaps" Kylie.

The two superstar sisters both lead busy lives, with Kylie currently promoting her new album Kiss Me Once. She has also just finished her mentor role on The Voice UK, while Dannii is primarily performing mommy duties, as she has three-year-old Ethan with her ex-partner Kris Smith.

Luckily the 42-year-old has a plan for whenever she feels like catching up with Kylie, 45.

"She's always got a lot on and is normally being chauffeur driven here, there and everywhere, so every so often I just kidnap her and say, 'Get in the car! We're going to go and do something. Nobody knows where you are!'" Dannii laughed to Stylist magazine.

"We make cups of tea or she likes it when I cook for her. She doesn't really blow her own trumpet about her cooking, and she doesn't do it often, but she's really good at it."

Dannii likes to include her son in her activities, especially ones out in the fresh air. Her love of gardening has even solved the problem of Ethan wanting a pet.

"Only a few friends know that I love putting on a pair of gloves and getting busy in the garden on my days off," she smiled.

"I have told Ethan the worms are our pets, as they are the only ones I can manage right now with my work based between London and Melbourne. I have an eBay collection dedicated to the outdoors that will paint a far prettier picture in your mind than the one you probably have right now of a pile of worms."