UB40 played at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, England on Monday night and the sound from the show forced a number of fans to flee and one to claim much more.

According to those in the audience, the sound at the show was turned up so loud, especially the bass, that over 30 people to bail out during the first song. One of those, Anna Webster, had to leave before the end of the first song.

Winter told the BBC "It was just horrendously loud. The bass was vibrating even in the foyer. There were so many people walking out because they couldn't deal with it. It was vibrating through your whole body. It was actually altering heart rhythms."

What's worse for Winter was that the sound actually made one of her ears bleed. Anna did admit that she had a perforated eardrum when she was younger which may have contributed somewhat to the situation.

Another woman, Angela Paffett, said that "The bass crashed into you like a steam train. I had a pain in my chest."

A spokesman for the band said that nobody had told them there was a problem with the sound and apologized to those that were affected.

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