Courtney Love fears she’s been a bad influence on Lady Gaga.

The notorious hell raiser claims to be close friends with the 28-year-old musician, whose latest concept record ARTPOP didn’t do as well as her previous efforts. Gaga has also been criticised for trying too hard with her outfits and stage performances, with Courtney starting to worry about the effect she’s had on the younger star.

“Well, I’m friendly with her. She started hanging out with a lot of my art friends and I think it influenced her and that’s great but it doesn’t necessarily translate for the masses,” the 49-year-old rocker told Gay Times.

“She tried to take it on and sort of acclimate it into pop.”

Only yesterday Gaga came under fire again, with claims she wasted a huge amount of water during her recent G.U.Y. video shoot which her representative quickly denied. California is currently experiencing a drought and it is alleged the star had a pool at Hearst Castle in the state filled with 356,000 gallons of water for the promo. However, as it was reportedly chlorinated so she and some swimmers could do a routine in it the liquid had to be thrown away, rather than used for irrigation. To add to the issue, the flamboyant star has apparently agreed to appear in a Public Service Announcement to teach people how to save water.

It wasn’t just Gaga who Courtney discussed in the interview. She also touched on Florence Welch, lead singer of Florence + the Machine, who she can’t get enough of.

“Everyone loves Florence – who doesn’t?” she said. “Florence doesn’t have any behavioural issues.”