Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have once again sparked romance rumours.

The 20-year-old pop star performed with Chance The Rapper on Sunday at desert music festival Coachella, but it was his alleged actions off the stage that are making fans take notice.

Sources tell Us Weekly that Justin and fellow pop star and ex-girlfriend Selena, 21, were caught getting cosy together, fuelling rumours of the two reigniting their long-time relationship.

Justin and Selena were reportedly spotted by eyewitnesses before and after his Coachella performance, while being flanked by multiple bodyguards and trying their best to avoid fans and photographers.

“They were dancing slow right next to each other, swaying around,” one eyewitness revealed.

The two were apparently holding each other close, trying to remain disguised, whispering, laughing, and slow dancing during Scottish DJ Calvin Harris' performance.

The story comes hot off the heels of reports suggesting Selena was moving on from Justin, after his recent troubles with the law, as well her own struggles that led to a rehab stint in January.

Justin and Selena have dated on-and-off since late 2010.

Selena was in the news last week for firing her mother and stepfather, who served as her managers.

They started managing her when she won a role in Disney's The Wizards of Waverly Place. It's claimed the brunette singer-and-actress now feels she's "outgrown" them and is looking for bigger representation.

Selena and her parents have previously clashed over her on/off relationship with pop's 20-year-old bad boy, Justin Bieber. However, it's not thought this influenced her decision to drop them as managers.