Kim Kardashian is reportedly having a spray tan that covers her in diamond dust for her wedding.

The reality TV star and Kanye West are thought to be tying the knot in Paris on May 24. However, laws stating couples must have lived in France for a certain amount of time if they want to wed there could throw the nuptials into disarray.

The legal issue has only just come to light and is apparently devastating Kim, whose plans for the big day are already in place.

"She feels like the whole thing is cursed. To cope with the stress, she's trying to make it all perfect - following Tracy Anderson's baby food diet, exercising like mad and spending millions on private jets to fly everyone from the US," an insider told British magazine Heat. "She'd even booked a special spray tan, which covers you in diamond dust. Their crest was already designed, the cake, dress and flowers all ordered. Now it could be ruined."

The couple have been seen looking at venues around Paris recently, with claims they may officially marry in another country but hold the celebration in France.

It was apparently the couple's wedding planner who first broke the news to the engaged couple, with Kim especially finding it hard to take.

"Kim was just inconsolable. She doesn't want thing to be delayed another day and she's got her heart set on the wedding being in Paris. She isn't the calm person Kanye loves - their relationship isn't in a great place at the moment," the source claimed.