Paul Weller has today announced details of new album 'More Modern Classics' - a collection of tracks taken from Paul's albums of the last 15 years of his solo career.

The album also contains new track, 'Brand New Toy' which will be released in time for Record Store Day. It premiered on BBC Radio 2 this morning.

Paul has today also announced that he'll be playing two very intimate live shows in May - the locations and dates are yet to be unveiled, but fans can gain access to an exclusive pre-sale when they pre-order 'More Modern Classics' on the official Paul Weller Store here.

‘More Modern Classics’ is the long awaited follow up to 1998’s “Modern Classics” which showcased the first part of Paul Weller’s highly successful solo career. This album confirms Weller’s status as the most resilient survivor from punk’s class of 76 and outclassing and outperforming many of his earlier and later years’ contemporaries. It showcases his continuing progression as an artist, never afraid to take chances, move forward and buck trends – always staying fresh and transcending the zeitgeist. More Modern Classics continues to serve as a reminder of his wide range and gift for melody and song writing.

Paul Weller's two very unique & intimate live shows in mid May will see him perform with his full band at two venues in London.

Tickets will go very fast but fans will be able to gain access to an exclusive pre-sale when they pre-order More Modern Classics at the official Paul Weller Store here.

The pre-sale will give fans a special early chance to buy tickets on a first come first served basis. (***Tickets will be limited to two per person. Once a pre-order is made at the official store, fans will receive information on how to enter the pre-sale).

Disc 1 /Vol 1 are:
He’s The Keeper / Sweet Pea My Sweet Pea / It’s Written In The Stars / Wishing On A Star / From The Floorboards Up / Come On Let’s Go / Wild Blue Yonder / Have you Made Up Your Mind / Echoes Round The Sun / All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You) / Push It Along / 22 Dreams / No Tears To Cry / Wake Up The Nation / Fast Car/Slow Traffic / Starlite / That Dangerous Age / When Your Garden’s Overgrown / The Attic / Flame-Out! / Brand New Toy

Disc 2 /Vol 2
A Bullet For Everyone / Who Brings Joy / Dust & Rocks / With Wine And Temperance / Frightened / Don’t Make Promises / One Way Road / Birds / Empty Ring / One Bright Star / Why Walk When You Can Run / Night Lites / The Pebble And The Boy / Roll Along Summer / Trees / Up The Dosage / 7&3 Is The Striker’s Name / Be Happy Children / Green / Paper Chase / The Olde Original

Disc 3 (***disc 3 track list may be subject to change)
All I Wanna Do (THE SUN SESSION) / From The Floorboards Up (XFM SESSION) / The Attic (LAUREN LAVERNE 6 MUSIC SESSION) / Around The Lake (LAUREN LAVERNE 6 MUSIC SESSION) / Andromeda (ABSOLUTE ABBEY ROAD SESSION) / That Dangerous Age (LAUREN LAVERNE 6 MUSIC SESSION) / When Your Garden’s Overgrown (LAUREN LAVERNE 6 MUSIC SESSION) / Wake Up The Nation (LAUREN LAVERNE 6 MUSIC SESSION) / Savages (CAPITAL GOLD SESSION) / Time Of The Season (RADIO 2 SESSION) / Aim High (BLACK BARN SESSION) / Daydream – Loving Spoonful cover (XFM SESSION)