Taylor Swift apparently demanded her management help her attend a fan’s bridal shower over the weekend.

The chart-topping pop star cleared her hectic schedule to surprise an unsuspecting fan as she attended a party to celebrate her wedding in Columbus, Ohio, on Sunday.

“I had no idea it was going to happen,” bride-to-be Gena Gabrielle told the Today Show. “[Taylor] said she planned it with her management and her mom. Apparently they told Taylor she didn’t have time and she said no I’m going to Ohio I can’t make the wedding and I promised her.”

Gena shared photos of the multiple-time Grammy winner’s visit on her Instagram account, with the singer posing with the engaged couple along with the bride’s close friends. She also took to her Twitter account to thank Taylor for attending her party, stating that it made her “wildest dreams” come true.

“She said it was all worth it because my face was priceless,” Gena said. “Taylor didn’t crash the bridal shower she had an invitation. I’m really not that special and I’m still in awe she did this for me.”

The “Red” singer – who made a cameo on Saturday Night Live this past weekend - also brought a gift of a new KitchenAid stand mixer along with a handwritten first recipe for the bride-to-be, even though she didn’t know her personally. According to sources, the pop-country singer was also quoted as telling Gena’s friends and family: “This is my first bridal shower, and Gena’s last.”

Super fan Gena also revealed she had previously been introduced to the country singer during a fan meet-and-greet in 2007.

“I will never forget she did this for me,” Gena added. “She is truly an incredible, special person.”