With great regret due to a number of issues beyond our control Professor Green’s 12-date May headline tour has been postponed until November/December 2014.

See the video message from Professor Green below.

2013 was a challenging year of ups and downs for Professor Green with a number of factors affecting the delivery of his forthcoming album, Growing Up In Public. Thankfully this is now all behind him but from a professional position the only decision was to move the tour to later this year.

On having to postpone the tour, Professor Green said:

Dear all,

The last 18 months have been mental, turbulent, up and down, round and round, amazing, horrible, happy, sad, frustrating, testing, trying and above all incredibly f*****g stressful.

I wanted an album out last October but as most of you are aware a lot has happened in my wonderfully colourful day to day life. I got hit by a car, got married and then had my life turned upside down by an entirely unfounded arrest for something which I was subsequently not charged. A waste of time.

Silly billy bully boys.

Fear not, I've finally finished my album and the work has not suffered for it, if anything the time I've had between all the chaos has made for a much better album.

I'm not sorry it's late, I'd be sorry if it was sh*t, there's no coming back from that. No one ever released a great album late - albums are done when they're done, there is in fact no such thing as a late album - so there. On the other hand I'm pretty sure people have released sh*t albums they've rushed.

You lot have been there the whole way and I can't wait to get this album out for you all to hear and to get back on stage without a gammy knee or a looming bail date. That said I'm not gonna come out and perform the same set I have been since the last album, it wouldn't be fair to you - at least not until I'm doing a greatest hits tour when I'm on my third marriage, have twelve kids and a huge tax bill.
I'm touring the new album in November, which will give you a fair few months to live with the album and know it inside out.

Here is a teaser of the first track your getting off the new album, shortly after which the first single and album will follow.

Back before you know it, I can't wait to see you in November when we can sing our little hearts out together.

Greeners xx

P.S. You just bloody wait for what happens at the drop!!!

See the video message below.